VODA – Visualizing Official Development Assistance

VODA’s mission is to reinforce data-driven international cooperation strategies by offering an open-data platform that visualizes the flow of Official Development Assistance (ODA) in various aid sectors.

VODA’s vision is to further increase the transparency of ODA strategies. By exploring patterns of ODA flows in a comprehensive and comparative perspective, VODA can explore the potential for equitable and efficient ODA strategies to support the respective national and global goals of recipient countries (e.g., achieving the Sustainable Development Goals).

Visualizing Official Development Assistance

Created by Shuhei Nomura
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ODA Flows by DAC Countries

This interactive chart is designed to visualize the flow of ODA from which donor countries (source), through which agency (channel), and to which aid sector or to which country (recipient). You can view flows by 22 aid sectors and switch tabs to view flows by recipient or focus area. Donor countries are listed in alphabetical order.