NY Survey vol.1



ニューヨーク版 文化・クリエイティブ産業の育ち方 その1


The leading cases of the Cultural and Creative Industries in New York can provide important suggestions for Tokyo to determine its future directions. This report includes the insights and comments of 15 experts, and explores the actual conditions of independent artists and freelances who play an active role in the industries, the role of education as well as the culture of philanthropy which supports the art industry. Known as the greatest strength of the city, the arts industry consists from visual arts (expressive forms to create works which are visually recognizable such as painting, sculpture, prints and photography) and performing arts (expressive forms which involve creative activities in front of audience such as theater, music, dance and opera): This time, in particular, focuses on performing arts.

How Cultural and Creative Industries are developed, New York style Vol.1
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